A wedding necessity!

For those of you who don't like to read long reviews, to sum it up, you should hire Scott. But for those who want to know why...

We were not originally planning on hiring a videographer because we were hesitant to spend the money. After my mom, expressed how important it was to her, we ended up deciding to get one. I have to say I am so thankful that I listened to my mom. We knew right away that we wanted Scott. I heard about Scott through a relative who hired him for her wedding. My family watched her video on Easter and literally had several people crying. After seeing the video, my cousin decided to hire him for her wedding in June (we have a very big family). My daughter was the flower girl in the wedding, so I was behind the scenes for a big part of the bride getting ready. I never even realized Scott was there. With all of the chaos that happens the day of, it was nice to see a vendor who did not add to that confusion.

When I look at the work of the vendors from my wedding, I look at it in three parts: the planning, the day of and then the final product.

The planning with Scott involved very little work on my end, which was really nice not to be consumed by it with all of the other details that come along with planning a wedding. He was extremely easy going from the beginning. He was flexible with timing and the schedule in general. He was also very responsive to e-mails and phone calls, which is a huge positive for me.

On the day of the wedding, while I was getting ready, he was calm, timely and organized. He worked really well with our photographer which allowed both of them to get really great shots without my being pulled in several different directions. Towards the end of the night, he checked in with me to see if there was anything else that was important for him to catch. Thank goodness he did because there were several shots that we hadn't gotten that we wanted.

We haven't received our final video but we did get our video montage. We got the video within a week of the wedding (as soon I started to feel sad that the wedding was over). He sent me the video to watch before posting it. I really appreciated this because that doesn't always happen any more wit the way that social media is used now. After he sent us the video, he decided to make a small change in the way he did the background music. I really liked this about Scott. He didn't have to make any changes after sending it but he did without any prompting from me. He did it purely to make the best product he could.

I am so glad that we hired a videographer because it allowed me to relive the day. My mom also was unable to hear the vows the day of the wedding so with the video, my mom doesn't have to miss it. It was truly worth every dollar we spent. Overall, Scott was undoubtedly the best choice for us. He does it out of the love for the art (which shows) and he was wonderful from start to finish. I would strongly recommend that you hire a videographer for your wedding and I truly believe that Scott is the best person to capture your day.

As a side note- I have never written a review before but I decided to because of how strongly I feel about Scott's work.

~ Erica

Oct 30, 2014 (Courtesy of The Knot)